Psychosis Statistics

Recently, I was approached by the fab Jess from Life in Unreality to help create some infographics to show the reality of psychosis statistics in the UK.

Below are the infographics we came up with. If you want to use them for your own awareness campaigns, please feel free! Just ensure you credit us appropriately using the below attribution. We spent a fair amount of time researching and designing these.

created by @LittleBigThoug9 & @lifeinunreality

If you want to see more by Jess, you can find her Twitter account here @lifeinunreality. She’s a great activist who is always looking to engage with different voices in our community, so please check her out! She also has a separately-branded copy of the infographics here.

Psychosis Rates

3 in 100 people will develop psychosis in their lives


Psychosis Causes and Factors

Negative Life Events and Migration are among the highest risk factors in developing psychosis

people usually develop psychosis between 20-24


Psychosis and Employment

people with psychosis are 6 to 7 times more likely to be unemployed


Psychosis Recovery

80% of people with psychosis will go on to have further episodes within 5 years

only 25% will fully revoder from psychosis and 10% will die from suicide

People with psychosis will die 15-20 years sooner than average


Combined Stats

Various Psychosis Statistics

If you like the look of these, and want to collaborate on further resources, or have a specific request for content you think might help spread awareness of psychosis, please contact me and let me know!

As ever, until the next post!

Bronwyn @ LBT x