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Why I Must Stay Well

Why I Must Stay Well my reasons to stay well

Reading Time: 7 mins Finding Meaning in Recovery Another week is drawing to a close, and it’s been a bit of a tough one. The come-down from the heady successes of last week has begun in earnest, and my mood has swung between numb and restless. As I said in last Sunday’s post (which you can read here), my […]

Managers’ Tips for Mental Health Support

Managers’ Tips for Mental Health Support

Reading Time: 6 mins 5 Must-Do’s to Support Colleagues with Mental Illness This coming week my manager – B – will be on holiday. I’ll be stepping into her shoes and managing our team of 20 people; it’s a daunting and exciting prospect. I’ve been deputising for her on and off over the past year, but I’ve not yet […]